Roof Repair Services

broken roof in need of repair

Common Types of Roof Damage 

Many different things can cause roof damage, and because of that, there are many different types of roof damage that can occur. Knowing what to look for can help you identify possible issues so you can get the residential roof repair you need without delay. 

Many types of damage are obvious. For example, you will likely be able to see loose or missing shingles. However, you may not be able to see cracks, punctures, and similar issues. These issues can arise due to poor roof installation or because of debris striking your roof during a storm. 

Moisture damage can be a big problem, and various things can cause this type of damage. Loose or missing shingles along with cracks in your roofing and similar issues can let water into the underlayment of your roof. If you see stains on your ceiling or obvious signs of moisture, it’s important to call for a roof inspection right away as this can lead to major problems.

Other types of roof damage that require prompt roof repair include damage to the roof’s structure, which can be identified by spots where your roof is buckling or tilting, along with signs of standing water. Meanwhile, a roof covered in worn-down materials is likely in need of residential roof replacement. 

What to Do If You Notice Roof Damage

When you see roof damage, it’s important to get help right away. However, identifying roof damage can be a challenge, especially if you aren’t a roofing professional. This is why it’s generally recommended that homeowners get an annual roof inspection, along with roof inspections whenever a major storm blows through. 

Regardless, it still pays to be vigilant. Keeping an eye on your roof can ensure you’re able to call for help before any minor problems become major issues. Some common signs of roof damage include:

  • Deterioration of wood panels
  • Visible asphalt granules in water runoff
  • Curling at the edges of shingles
  • Signs of organic growth

It should be noted that even seemingly minor roof repairs typically require professional help. While it can be tempting to take care of problems such as cracks or fractures, these things can be far more challenging to fix than they appear. 

When to Replace Your Roof

In some cases, roof repair may not be enough to take care of your roof damage. If your roofing material is extremely worn or there is extensive damage to the entirety of your roof, it may be time to seek roof replacement.

Several things can help you identify when it might be time for residential roof replacement. For example, asphalt shingle roof repair will be needed when you see large areas of loose or missing shingles. In some cases, you may see exposed nails or holes that have been drilled into a roof. Things like this are not only unappealing to look at, but can lead to major damage over time, making it important to take care of these issues right away. 

If you aren’t certain whether you need roof repair or it’s time for roof replacement, it’s a good idea to have a consultation with a professional roofer. This can ensure you’re taking the right steps to keep your roofing in the best condition possible. 

Emergency Roof Repairs

Sometimes a problem with your roofing can’t be ignored. This might be the case when your roof has experienced storm damage, which can often lead to major issues from missing shingles to structural damage. However, getting help as quickly as possible is always ideal if you have noticed any major damage to your roofing. 

In these cases, it is always a good idea to reach out to a company able to offer emergency roof repairs. This can ensure the problem gets taken care of right away and doesn’t lead to even more damage.

Get Help With Residential Roof Repair

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