Roof Inspections

Older, damaged roof.

Roof Inspection in Eustis, FL from Experienced Roofers

Do you know what’s going on with your roof? There are some problems you may be able to see, even if you aren’t a roofing professional. But many more problems can arise that it takes a bit of experience and the right equipment to identify. 

If you need a roof inspection in Eustis, FL, Massey Roofing and our team of roofing professionals can be there to give you a thorough checkup. Call us at 352-406-8052 if you’re ready to schedule your appointment. 

When To Schedule Your Roof Inspection

Many of your roofing issues can lead to big problems if they aren’t taken care of sooner rather than later. This is why it’s a good idea to get a roofing inspection twice a year. But do you know when it’s best to schedule those inspections? 

Though you can get your annual roof inspection at any point during the year, one of the best times to schedule your appointment is in the fall. Florida can get surprisingly chilly, and it’s important to keep that cool air out of your home with the proper roofing repairs. On top of that, getting your inspection in the fall will let you start taking care of fixes such as moss and mildew removal before the spring season. 

Roof Inspections After a Storm 

An annual roof inspection is always smart, but Mother Nature can throw a few surprises our way. In Eustis, FL, those surprises often come in the form of storms. With your roof acting as your first line of defense, you can also expect it to take a bit of a beating when faced with high wind, hail, and debris. Getting a roof inspection after a storm rolls through will help you find out whether storm damage repair is needed.

What Roofers Look For During Roof Inspections

Professional roofers won’t shy away from examining every detail during a roofing inspection. This gives them the chance to identify any problems, including those you may not be expecting. During a roof inspection in Eustis, Eustis, FL and surrounding areas, you can get the help you need when you contact the team at Massey Roofing. From performing a thorough roofing inspection to helping you figure out what should be fixed, we’ll be by your side. Call us at 352-406-8052 if you’re ready to get started.