TPO Roofing

White TPO roof under a setting sun.

Installing TPO Roofing in Eustis, FL 

With so many roofing options now available, it can be difficult to choose the best option for your building. Among the many choices out there you can find TPO roofing, also known as TPO membrane roofing. It has grown in popularity recently, being seen more and more often on large commercial buildings, especially those with flat roofs. There are good reasons for this as TPO roofing offers a large number of benefits. Those interested in TPO roofing in Eustis, FL can contact Massey Roofing at 352-406-8052 if they would like to learn how they can benefit.

Learn What Makes TPO Different

TPO roofing falls under a category of roofing systems known as single-ply membrane roofing. These are unique roofing materials applied as a single sheet and secured in place using various methods ranging from mechanical fasteners to chemical bonding. TPO stands for “thermoplastic polyolefin”, a type of synthetic material often used in outdoor applications. The material comes in large sheets and when fastened to a flat roof can offer substantial protection.

The Advantages of TPO 

TPO roofing offers numerous advantages. Among these is the fact that TPO is naturally resistant to UV radiation. Many building owners opt for TPO installation on their roofs as it can reflect sunlight, especially given that most TPO is a bright white. This can make buildings cooler and keep energy costs down. Another key benefit is the durability of TPO. Typically this type of commercial roof will last upwards of 30 years. Necessary TPO repair may include fixing torn seams and other issues such as a punctured membrane that can lead to leaking.

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Does TPO roofing sound like the best solution for your building? If you think that might be the case, it can be a good idea to call a team of professional roofers. At Massey Roofing we have spent years in the industry and can offer you the help you need whether you are seeking TPO replacement for an older roof or an entirely new TPO installation. When you need TPO roofing in Eustis, FL, you can rely on us, so call 352-406-8052 today.