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Are you looking to improve your roof? Commercial roof coatings offer many benefits, making your roof stronger and increasing its longevity. Though they are relatively new to the market, they have quickly become one of the best ways to protect a roof. However, because they are new to the market, it can be a challenge to learn everything you need to know about this product.

So how do you determine whether roof coating application is really the best choice for you? If you’re trying to decide if you should invest in a commercial roof coating in Eustis, FL, the team at Massey Roofing can help. Call us at 352-406-8052 and we can discuss your options.

How Commercial Roof Coatings Benefit You

Though you may have heard of them, do you know what a commercial roof coating is and everything it can do? With a roof coating application, you receive an additional layer of protection. Among the key benefits of this is leak prevention. With the right commercial roof coating, you can vastly reduce the likelihood of any leaks occurring in your roofing system. 

On top of that, the majority of commercial roof coatings are reflective. This helps keep your roof far cooler and can even save you money. Roof coating application is also a process that can be completed quickly. This means you don’t have to deal with a lengthy installation and makes them a more cost-effective solution for many building owners. 

Types of Commercial Roof Coatings

Though they may be relatively new to the market, there are now many different kinds of commercial roof coatings available. Knowing the different types and what each has to offer can help you make a more informed decision about the best solution for your roof. Available options include silicone, acrylic, and even aluminum among many others, with silicone being a standout. Figuring out which commercial roof coating is right for you depends on many factors, including the type of roof you have and what you need.

Choosing the Right Commercial Roof Coating

So what should you be thinking about when looking at commercial roof coating options? A good place to start is with the type of roof you have and the benefits you’re seeking with this material. 

For example, those with flat roofs often opt for silicone due to its enhanced ability to stand up to pooling water. Meanwhile, metal roofs have special needs and it’s important to address potential issues such as rusting that could occur over time. By working with a team that specializes in commercial roof coatings, you can make the best decision for your roof. 

Having Your Commercial Roof Coating Installed

Are you thinking about installing a commercial roof coating in Eustis, FL? If so, there are plenty of reasons to think about working with a team of professionals like those at Massey Roofing. The installation process may be fairly simple, but there are still many things you will want to think about to be sure the job is done right and you receive all the benefits of your new commercial roof coating. 

For example, a roof needs to be thoroughly cleaned prior to roof coating application, typically with a power washer. This guarantees the commercial roof coating stays in place and isn’t affected by dirt and grime. The roof also needs to be thoroughly inspected for issues and any necessary repairs made before roof coating application. Once all of these steps are completed, the commercial roof coating can be sprayed or rolled on. 

Get Your New Commercial Roof Coating 

If you’re searching for someone to help you with commercial roof coating in Eustis, FL, there is no better time than now to reach out to the team at Massey Roofing. Our roofing professionals can assist with everything, from choosing the right product to its installation on your roof. Call now at 352-406-8052 to learn more.

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